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                                                 TRACY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                                                        GRADE K-8

The Tracy School District is committed to the concept of "neighborhood schools". Presently, there are nine elementary schools and three middle schools.

At build-out, the District plan includes four middle schools and eleven elementary schools, one of which is a magnet school for GATE, bilingual, and regular education students. Most of the elementary schools are designed to accommodate approximately 650 students, while the middle schools will vary in enrollment from approximately 800 students at Clover to 1000 students at Earle E. Williams and Monte Vista with each school having its own attendance zone.

The Board of Trustees in 1997 approved Gladys-Poet Christian Elementary to become a Magnet school. The Magnet Program consists of multiage classes, all of which will have 40 minute electives daily, such as art, music, drama and dance. Gladys-Poet Christian houses kindergarten through eighth grades. Gladys-Poet Christian is full with a waiting list at all grade levels.

As the community's population continues to increase, the District will make every reasonable effort to keep as many students as possible in their "neighborhood school". However, during this growth or transition period, some students will have to be placed outside their attendance area due to overcrowding. There are also other factors which contribute to the displacement of students to schools outside their attendance zone. Some of these include special program placements (special education, bilingual education, and GATE), interdistrict/intradistrict requests etc. South/West Park Elementary School is the designated overflow school.

The District places approximately 96% of the regular education students within their neighborhood school, excluding students placed in special programs (e.g., GATE, bilingual, special education, etc.). This has been accomplished by adding classes on a temporary basis at the schools where the greatest amount of growth has occurred and consistently implementing the District's student assignment policy giving priority to those students living within the school attendance area, who attended the neighborhood school in the prior year. In addition, the school district policy/regulation contains a provision for maintaining waiting lists at all schools for students who are enrolled in Tracy Public Schools based on the student's most recent date of enrollment at the home school; then notifying parents when space becomes available for the child(ren) to return to the school within their attendance area.

Although the District is not obligated to guarantee placement of students in any particular school, we will continue our efforts this school year to minimize the amount of student displacement. This will be accomplished, in part, through the implementation of the student assignment policy and regulation approved by Trustees (see attached administration procedures for placing students in the District's schools) which is designed to increase the number of students being placed at their home school.

Enrollment of New Students

Students are enrolled by the home school. Enrollment includes entering into the school computer data system the student's date of entry, student identification number, attendance zone number (the zone or area where the student lives) and the appropriate program.

Should school enrollments exceed class size maximums, the following enrollment priorities will determine which students are temporarily assigned to another school in the District:

1.            Students living within the home school attendance area who attended the respective school the previous school year.

2.            Students assessed as being Limited English Proficient (LEP) and those who qualify for Special Education or Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) will have second priority for placement at schools which have these programs.

3.            Displaced students who have been reassigned twice, to different schools outside their attendance area, to accommodate district needs.

4.           Overflow students assigned to another school because of overcrowded conditions the previous school year by enrollment date.

5.            Resident students new to the school attendance area.

6.            Intradistrict transfer students enrolled the previous school year if their transfer requests were renewed prior to the third week in June, subject to space availability at the desired school. District transportation will not be provided for students who attend a school outside their attendance area on an intradistrict attendance agreement initiated by the parent.  This does not apply to student placements for programmatic reasons: e.g.. GATE/High Achievers. LEP. South/West Park Magnet Program. and Special Education.

7.            Intradistrict transfer students new to the school whose transfer requests were approved prior to the third week in June.

8.            Interdistrict transfer students.

Should the need arise to make an exception to these priorities, the Director of Student Services will review the case to determine whether cause exists to make a change.

After placing students living within the home school attendance area who attended the respective school the previous school year, and those who are assigned to a school for specific programmatic reasons, once and twice displaced fourth grade students will be allowed to complete their fifth grade year at the same school they attended as fourth graders. This will also apply to once and twice displaced seventh grade students who will be granted permission to complete their eighth grade year at the same school they attended as seventh graders. In addition, students will be allowed to complete their education at the elementary school outside their attendance area when they have attended that particular school for three consecutive school years or longer.

                                                             TRACY HIGH SCHOOLS

                                                                      GRADES 9-12

The Tracy Joint Union High School District plan calls for two comprehensive high schools, Tracy High School and Merrill F. West High School, and a new facility for Duncan-Russell High School, a continuation high school. Approximate enrollments at build-out will be 1,800 students at Tracy High, 2,400 students at West High and 250 students at Duncan-Russell High.

During the 1991-92 school year, the Attendance Boundary Committee comprised of broad-based community and district representation was established to study high school attendance boundary criteria and alternatives and recommend attendance boundaries for Tracy High School and Merrill F. West High School. The following attendance boundaries were recommended by the committee and approved by Trustees:

Tracy High School

East side of Tracy School District (middle school attendance areas of Clover and Williams) in addition to feeder school district of Banta, Jefferson, and New Jerusalem.

West High School

West side of Tracy School District (middle school attendance area of Monte Vista and Williams) in addition to feeder schools districts of Delta Island, Holt, and Lammersville and Mountain House.

The District staff developed a student assignment policy and regulation which was reviewed and approved by Trustees. The policy stresses the concept of “neighborhood schools” and allows intradistrict transfers (transfers between West High and Tracy High) for certain programmatic reasons and other special circumstances as outlined in the District regulation.



Rebecca Frame
Director of Student Services and Curriculum
315 E. 11th Street
Tracy, CA 95376
Telephone:  209-831-5391


To:          Parents of New Students Registering in Tracy Public Schools

From:     Rebecca Frame, Director of Student Services and Curriculum


Please be advised of the following procedures when enrolling new students in Tracy Schools:

1.            Parents or legal guardian must come to the school site personally to enroll students in Tracy Public Schools. We will not mail registration forms and will not accept registration of students by mail.

2.            Parents must provide verification of Tracy address and identity, at the time of registration using a driver's license and utility billing. Immunization records must also be provided at the time the student is registered.

3.            If the family is renting a home in Tracy, they must provide a rental receipt from their landlord, giving their name and Tracy address, as well as the name of the landlord.

4.            If the family is living with a friend or relative, parents must sign a statement verifying their Tracy address and with whom they are living. The parent, as well as the friend or relative, must come into the school site office to complete this statement.

5.            During the school year registrations of students will not be taken unless the child is actually in residence in the district and able to attend school.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the above procedures, please contact my office at 209/831-5391.

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